My  First Podcast interview with a good mate and all-around champion in his own right was with Glenn Azar in

Episode 64 – Steve Roberts from Taurus Trainer Talks Fit After 40.

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Glen’s Podcast show The Building Better Humans Project Group and his company Adventure Professionals Adventure Professionals keep this entrepreneur, guest speaker and Executive Coach, a very busy man.
I am proud to have had the opportunity to speak about the importance of general health and grateful to those who listen to this and any of Building Better Humans Project Podcasts. His daughter Alyssa Azar, the youngest Australian to climb Mt. Everest, also features in the library of excellent interviews that will inspire you, encourage you and give you new or fresh perspectives to use to make 2018 MASSIVE ???
Here we chat about being Fitter After Forty and my passion to help others do the same. Listen in ?and leave a comment below if you could resonate with anything we spoke about. 

Below is a little bio Glen put together about me.


Steven Roberts, is a 41-year-old bloke originally from outback QLD, near the town of Cunnamulla.

He is a husband and father to Albert (3 1/2 yrs) living in Toowoomba operating Taurus Trainer.


Taurus Trainer provides Exercise Physiology and Online Fitness Programs to train and coach dedicated men and women to become stronger, faster, leaner and healthier using Steve’s formula of hard work and commitment to equal top results.


His physical place of business is in at home and Revolution Boxing gym in Toowoomba, where he conducts training for Veterans of the Defence Force, Chronic Disease Management, Personal Training and Management of his Online Fitness Program for subscribers.

Steve has a true passion for teaching, inspiring and helping people, and in men, in particular, to become the best version they can be.

Steve has won awards and recognition for his contributions towards community health is a professional boxer and an aspiring author of health and fitness books and blog posts to help people create routines and lifelong habits.


He is always looking to engage with like-minded clients and business opportunities.

He has released his 1st official eBook at Amazon titled – Fitter After Forty


Steve stays fit for his mind, to be a good role model for his son and other male species. Being fit helps him focus on his daily, weekly and monthly goals for healthy relationships, personal health, finance, spirit and business.


He boxes – so he trains on most days using a combination of routines that help improve and maintain stamina, strength, power and agility. The plan is provided in his Fitter After 40 ebook program which can be purchased on Amazon now and from this Homepage website.

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