Following my 8th track crossing of the Kokoda track, last week I was interviewed by Channel 9 Darling Downs about the feat achieved by the group of lads I took over for their major achievement of the money ? that was raised for others.

My mate, a current ADF and Former SAS soldier and I took a group of 10 best mates across the Kokoda track early in July. The group had already committed to the trip date and itinerary 6 months prior to departure and had completed 3 months pre adventure Training with me using my remote training program eBook and Training App.

The boys peaked at the right time, walked every step with a smile, carried up to 25kg each and covered up to 25km each day for 5 1/2 full on days.

The Mountain Goats created a page in support of Black Dog Institute.

During this time, the 11 members of The Mountain Goats gave everything:

  • Shared their page with everyone they could.
  • Received 356 donations from generous family and friends.
  • Raised $37,243.76

Why Kokoda?

The Mountain Goats ? are a group made up of old friends whom have known each other for almost 20 years (University days), formed a group called ‘Punters club’ to keep in touch and do all things blokes don’t do when they get married and have families – stay in touch.

They hail from towns and areas like; Trangie, Dubbo, Orange, Moree, Crookwell and Sydney (NSW) working in a mixture of occupations including farmer and stock broking. These mates were at University and College together, played sport with and against each other as well as travelled the world. Over the years everyone in the group had spread out and settled down so as a way of catching up and keeping contact more regularly they decided to form a punters club where they contributed monthly and held dinners, trips and catch ups whenever they could. Over the years the group managed to put together a lump of money in the ‘punters’ account

Unlike times past, where they had spent excess cash on dinners, lunches or ski trips, the group decided to do something they would remember forever. Something that would mean something and that would challenge each of them in a different way and something that would bring them together as a group.

There were a number of options tabled however of all the suggestions there was one that stood head and shoulders above the rest in terms of what they were looking for…….. The Kokoda Track.

Most Australians have at least heard of it and a lot know the story. To the ‘punters club’, the story represents mateship, sacrifice and total dedication to the cause. Those that were part of it deserve respect, then, now and into the future.

Once the decision was made, the boys discussed what other options they had in terms of making the effort extra special. They thought raising money for a charity that most of them had an experience with. A cause that they all wanted to see improve in any way possible and one they all felt strongly about.

Most in the group had dealt with a friend or family member dealing with depression or mental health issues. This for men especially, isn’t spoken about, so raising more awareness plus a few dollars might just help even one person is why they chose Black Dog Institute.

Back On Track

The achievement is something the ‘punters group’ won’t ever forget. Anyone can achieve anything if they set their mind and body to it.

If you ever wanted to walk in the steps of your forefathers and do what many dream but don’t do…take action and join me for Anzac Day 2019.

Exercise is the best Medicine and when done with mates, it can bring out emotions in men that aren’t commonly shared at home. Join Taurus Trainer with a mate or on your own today. It’s an extraordinary experience.