Is A Easy Life Making YOU FAT, Lazy and Awkward?

The whingeing Millennials the editor calls the “snowflake” generation, meet each other online, prefer to converse via instant messaging rather than actually talking,and spend more time posting their experiences on FB and Instagram than actually living them.

According to the Australian Medical Association, today’s 20-somethings might be the first generation in history to suffer reduced life expectancy, relative to their parents ????????????

Parents of this generation MUST take responsibility and put time and effort into teaching your children how to take care of themselves. If you don’t know, go and learn or seek help from professionals.

I consult patients about losing weight everyday and the biggest COP OUT is guess what? No time, or too busy, exhausted and too hard.

Do you think the first people of our country thought “Mmmm, even though I’m starving, I’d much prefer to wait until someone brings me food”! No!

They made a spear ✅ creativity ✅, and caught their food ✅activity ✅, probably with a friend ✅socialising ✅ cooked it ✅patience and art then probably chatted with their family to learn about each other’s day ✅wisdom. A great read from this mornings Herald thanks @TomElliott3aw , but bugger you for taking my time up when I could have been cooking brekky and talking with my wife…#bloodytechnology

We should take a leaf out of the Italian culture.

Cooking and eating together remain an irreplaceable pillar of the Italian sociability. When people talk, they share and you know that can only lead to more love for your family, friends and for yourself.Photo Torre del Tartufo sunday lunch.