FACT>>> My Fitter After Forty – Ultimate Coach 90-day program WILL ultimately make you feel lighter, boost your energy and lose unwanted belly fat.

It all starts with my signature Fitter After Forty (FAF) 30-day Program and then continue to build on those foundations for another 60-days for a healthier body for good!
I am getting some great results with guys in their 40’s and 50’s.
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Fitness is my schtick. At age 42, after over 200 first grade Rugby Games and 10 Professional Boxing bouts, I have developed a diet and exercise program called Fitter after Forty that is for, who is says it is for.
Feel lighter. Increase Energy. Get your mojo back. Build a rock-solid body. Add years to your life. No gyms. Short workouts. Serious results. That’s how I pitch it and it is a winning concept. The results are proof that it works.


Blokes (and ladies) in middle age offered a chance to break out of the deepening ruts of decline

The program is aimed at busy men and women which can be accessed by visiting www.fitterafterforty.com.au.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fitterafterforty/ and

Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/fitterafterforty/ under the same handle.

The Fitter after Forty program is offered by way of a different few packages. DIY, Personal Coach (30-days) and Ultimate Coach (90-days) which has yielded results that includes; Becoming 13 years younger, Losing 15 kg, 15 cm off the beer belly and a host of improved health markers that would make your Doctor give you a lollipop.


In fact, my 44-year-old (chronological age) client started the Fitter After Forty 30-day program, with a Biological age of 50 years which was 6 years older than he actually was. Following a daily regime of flexibility workouts, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) combined with Strength Training and following a nutrition program of healthy whole foods for 30-days, he was able to lose over 10 kg, 10 cm off his waist, clean up his diet and cut more than a decade off his Biological age to become 37 again. He wound back his body-clock and you can too.

The Website comes with digital pages for the 30-days of exercise programs with videos and workout descriptions in case of poor network range, and a weekly meal plan that is 80% of where the results are made. ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ as they say.

You can also download the PDF version as an ebook outlining meals and snacks, and the exercises with links to videos to give you a double barrel advantage when it comes to access.

The Fitter after Forty program can be easily slotted into a busy day.

The Personal Coaching and the Ultimate Coaching package is where the real juice is at when it comes to exceptional results.

This package recognises that most people (especially people in remote communities) require some encouragement.


  • Fitter After Forty Resource
    30-day interactive and print format exercise and nutrition program eBook. Use this in conjunction with PTHub App.
  • Health Coaching Calls
    These are Weekly 1-to-1 phone calls with me (Exercise Physiologist) to discuss your past week of; training, staying in check with goals and advice to deal with challenges to keep you on track and inspired to progress. Includes text messages
  • Health Assessment
    BioAge is a personal and private health and fitness information used to change behaviour.
    Generated and comparative PDF reports provided at the start and completion of the program
  • Body Composition Assessment
    LeanScreen measures anatomical regions, and mathematically estimates circumferential dimensions leading to accurate body composition findings. Generated and comparative PDF reports provided each week
  • Online Program
    MyPTHub online coaching platform is where you can easily log workouts, post questions, watch exercise demo videos, and track your workout history over time.
  • Support
    limited email and phone coaching via texts (within 3/day)


All personal coach plus:

  • 2 x Extra Goal Setting 1-on-1
  • Health Assessments using BioAge
  • A customised program used in MyPTHub to continue your journey
  • Personal video each month
  • 24/7: Unlimited email and phone coaching via texts (within 10/day)
  • Fortnight ongoing support meetings
  • BONUS: eBook each Month
  • Team Staus: Invitation to join future private coaching packages and adventures

In a month I can help my clients trim at least 5% body fat and 10kg off, make them feel younger and reduce their metabolic age by up to 10 years.

Finally, it’s well known that one of the most underrated areas of performance enhancement is recovery.

Make sure you recover between workouts by stretching, taking cold baths, getting massages, drinking plenty of water and get plenty of movement throughout the day to reduce soreness and assist muscle resynthesis (growth).
Remember, if you’re fit at 40 or 50, you’re much more likely to be healthy into your 70s and 80s. The benefits of starting — and continuing — an exercise program is amazing, even if you do so in mid or late life.

Are you 40 (or OVER) and want to get fit?
Try my FITTER AFTER FORTY 30-day exercise and nutrition program by getting a FREE sample of the Beginner ebook by visiting www.fiterafterforty.com.au today. Become a Member and Subscribe to our Newsletter!

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