I’ve known Kelvin for 30 years – since 1988 (age 12/13 yr 7).



That’s Kelv (# 5) and ME, the mini-Michael Jordan to his right (#23).
As teenagers, we hung out every day at school, playing basketball, socialising and learning all that you should at our Private boarding school – SHORE in the heart of Sydney. As friends do after school, they spread their wings and drift apart.

I hadn’t spoken to him for the last 25 years, so I was really happy (thx FB) to reunite about a year ago, when he was sharing his feelings and thoughts in support of his cousin Justin who was a year above us, a great basketball-er and unbelievable person who sadly passed away due to crippling disease (RIP Seets)

Research has proven that careers of people with disability and chronic illness, age much faster than most which include many of us who have it pretty sweet. I’m one of those people NOW, but I know what losing a loved one does to your mindset and body. You forget yourself and sometimes abuse it, but most of the time it is neglect. (1)

When he contacted me a few months ago asking to be in the program, of course, I was honoured, but honestly, I was relieved not to see another one of my mates go down and fall victim of today’s epidemic – Obesity.

We (all of us) see far too many men and women lose their shit (physical health) around middle age, if not before they hit 40.
I am proud to have been able to help him and have a program that can now turn things around rapidly in the space of a month, not 12 weeks or a year – 30-days.
Some techniques include using BioAge and Body Composition comparisons to ‘show’ clients what they look like. While its confronting, it is real and it can increase compliance to succeed because of the connection made between the brain and YOU.
Here are three things you can do NOW to combat that threat to your physical appearance, but really your general health which ultimately impacts those around you who love you.

3 Behaviour Change Tips

Over 30 years of research has highlighted a few key elements in successful behaviour change.

1. Select goals that are important to YOU, for your own reasons, and not for pleasing other people. Something like a Decisional Balance Sheet can be very helpful. Kelvin found his WHY through the sesing his sister struggel. It became his anchor.
Using paper, write out a health Goal with Disadvantages and Advantages of Change or No Change i.e. exercise and healthy eating.

2. Create a plan 

Creating ‘rituals’ (behaviours that are non-negotiable) is also a great way to form habits in your brain. Every time you repeat the ritual, you strengthen
certain pathways in the brain. Ideally, these rituals would be things that you do every day, or at least several times a week.

Write the Goal e.g. Relieve stress.

In the next column, write a Mini-goal Timeframe e.g. 1 week, along with Rituals e.g. Yoga every Saturday. Once you do this for 3 things, you will have a plan that you MUST stick to.

3. Enlist support

Having “accountability partners” is a great way to improve chances of success. Ideally, you could go on the journey with someone, such as your Health & Fitness Professional, partner or friend. Write down the Person’s name and How they can help you.

Kelvin did all the above along with following a proven exercise plan, nutrition (which he still enjoys) and stayed accountable each day for 30-days.

Personal Coach program includes;

  • INITIAL 20-minute STRATEGY session
  • HEALTH ASSESSMENT using Bioage
  • Goal Setting ONE-ON-ONE
  • ACCESS to 28-day Exercise & Nutrition Program
  • WATCH and PLAY on your TV, mobile device or laptop
  • Private Group FaceBook COMMUNITY
  • EXCLUSIVE access to new features and content
  • Health COACHING Calls
  • FITBOT online coaching platform
  • TRANSFORMATION updates using LeanScreen
  • LIMITED EDITION trucker cap


He GAINED 10.5 years from his original test just over 30 days ago.



  • 9% LOSS Body Fat (BF)
  • 4.5 kg INCREASE Lean Body Mass (LBM – Muscle)
  • 6.5 kg LOSS Fat Body Mass (FBM)
  • Blood pressure has dropped from a High 145 to 120/80 (acceptable)
  • Plank score has tripled, and
  • Nutrition has gone up from 40 to 95/100. Massive !!!



Kelvin Seeto Fitter After Forty Testimonial March 2018

If you want a proven formula like Kelvin, contact me about adding life to your years.

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