Farm Hard Advanced is an exercise plan with 40 workouts in one e-book.

Workouts recruit lots of muscle groups from exercises designed to increase strength. You’ll build lean muscle, tone your back, arms, and legs, and frame a rock-solid body.

Follow it for 7-weeks.

All workouts and exercises have interactive videos.

The guide directs the sets, reps, speed, rest, and what equipment (if any) to use.

The workouts consist of a variety of Super sets; Multiple Sets; Negatives; Pre-exhaustion; Push ‘n’ Pull; Minute Drills and more!

They take as little as 6 minutes to complete. Use your body-weight and simple equipment you will find in most parks.

This program works. Hundreds have achieved significant gains and I have done it and doubled my strength.

* Results can vary. Correct nutrition is necessary to achieve the results you want. I am not a doctor, and this is not to be taken as medical advice.